Welcome to Durant Performance Coatings

Durant Performance Coatings manufactures a wide variety of high quality adhesives, and sealants.

Our product lines include: STAT-A-FLEX, which is a two component loop sealant, as well as DUR-O-BOND, fiberglass and marine composite compounds.

STAT-A-FLEX loop sealant is very easy to use. STAT-A-FLEX is primarily used for the installation of traffic signal loops. The loop sealant can be purchased with the container range of 1 gal (can), 3.5 gal (pail), 4.5 gal (pail), 5 gal (pail), and 55 gal (drum). The hardener will be provided accordingly to how much sealant was purchased. We make our product simple to use by providing the hardener in bottles specific to the quantity purchased.

DUR-O-BOND fiberglass and marine composite compounds can be made to fit your niche and are developed to your desire. Durant putty is capable of meeting specific needs such as: density, strength, consistency and viscosity, gel times, etc. The diversity of Durant’s putties will allow all customers to be satisfied. Most of our putties are efficient for multiple jobs, therefore allowing the user to get the most out of each product.

Any questions that cannot be answered by our product pages please do not hesitate to ask. To ask any question or place an order please contact us at 1-800-420-0021, or fill out our Online Contact Form. The hours of operation are 7 A.M. to 4 P.M., Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.